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I'm Tom Dywanski

Tom is an Equestrian Success Mindset Coach and the founder of "Victory With Tom" Academy. He’s helped 100's of riders drastically improve their results by tapping into the power of the Mind..


Learn how your mind is biologically wired to work against you, and how you can make it your most powerful asset!   

  • The simple game plan our riders are using to go from 'doing OK' to doing great ... without having the best coach, the best horse, and the best equipment... 
  •  Why spending months and months of training, and training harder and harder is the exact WRONG strategy to follow... and the better plan to improve your results quicker...  
  •  The secret formula for success the top riders are using to train their mind and achieve success... How the simple change of the words you use every day, leads to completely different results...

My Bio and Why I Can Help You

  • Founder of "Victory With Tom" Coaching Academy

  • Helped hundreds of riders improve their riding and results.

  • Over 20 years of coaching experience

  • One of the most sought after Equestrian Mindset Success Coaches

    Worked with Olympic bound, Grand Prix and
    National Champions

Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of riders. 

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